Impress Your Bridesmaid With These 5 Bridesmaid Bobblehead

Planning a wedding can be a real hassle and frankly, sometimes you do not know where to start or what to do first. It is a known saying that no man is an island so to plan your wedding you’re going to require a lot of help from friends and family, but especially your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids are your wingmen. Asides from planning your bachelorette party, their main function is to help you in any possible way that makes sure you don’t end up looking haggard and stressed.

You’re the star of the party and your bridesmaid can help you make everything happen just the way to want it. However, after it’s all said and done, how do you thank your bridesmaid? One cool thing you can do is to give them something special. Giving your bridesmaids gifts has been a tradition but it will be appreciated more if the items you choose for them is something really special.

When you think of the special gift to give to your bridesmaids, you might want to consider gifts that will make them feel relaxed and pampered. A custom bobblehead made in the very likeness of those you’re going to give it to is an excellent present for each bridesmaid. It’s a fun gift that will surely be remembered and appreciated for years to come. Below is a few custom bobblehead, you can order for your bridesmaid.



woman in dress handing up with a bunch of red flowers custom bobbleheads

When you’re planning a wedding, your mind tends to blank on some of the most important things. Did you remember to select a wedding favor or a gift for each member of your wedding party? Your bridesmaid shouldn’t go unrecognized on your special day. Customize this bobblehead of a beautiful woman handling a bunch of red flowers for your bridesmaids and they won’t forget the gesture in years to come.



custom white dress bobbleheads

We often choose our best friends to be the bridesmaids in our wedding. And since every girl wants a fairytale wedding the bridesmaids make sure you get that. To reward their efforts customize this white dress bobblehead for your bridesmaids, maid of honor or flower girl and make your wedding day more perfect and memorable. Be rest assured that your friends would be very glad to get the custom bobblehead doll that looks like them.



woman is a bridesmaidcustom bobbleheads

Before the wedding she works tirelessly for you, ensuring that everything is put in place and on the wedding day, she accompanies you and your newly wedded husband, meeting and satisfying your every need, soothing your nerves and it’s clear that their best wishes are fully expressed in every movement. Your bridesmaid is someone beautiful who deserves this purely manual bridesmaid bobblehead to reward this true feeling and love.



beautiful woman in black long dress holding a bunch of flowers custom bobbleheads

How often have you asked for hints as to what someone would want for a gift only to get the response, “just get whatever you think I’ll like. I’m sure I’ll love it!” only to buy the gift and see the look of confusion and disappointment on their face? No one wants to buy a gift that the recipient won’t enjoy, but how many original gifts are left in a world where anything you can think of is farther than a computer screen? Not to worry, there are still original and fun gifts left in the world, like this bobblehead of a beautiful woman in black long dress holding a bunch of flowers. Buying a bobblehead in someone’s likeness is a gift that is sure to be a conversation starter, but will also be a gift that gives someone enjoyment well beyond the day that the gift is given.



Customize your head and clothes on this bobblehead model

Design your own bridesmaid bobbleheads by yourself. Send in your photos and requirements and we will do the rest. You can customize this bobblehead doll to look like your bridesmaid from head to toe. Provide a photo and it will be customized by hand, making it a personalized present that will surprise everyone and they will definitely be loved. The best likeness and quality are the two features of our bobbleheads. Get the best sculpt bobblehead and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Custom made bobbleheads are a unique and unusual gift idea you can give to anyone, which makes the receiver to stand out from the rest. What makes this gift unique is its content and feature that others can’t usually use. Custom bobblehead is not only cute and fun but they also reflect how you value our relationship with the receiver, and in this case your bridesmaids.

All you need to get your custom bobblehead made is a couple of good quality photographs- one side view and one front view. Also include pictures of any clothing, uniforms, shoes, pants, and logos, accessories or backdrop you have.


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