Top 5 fashion bobbleheads in 2017

Fashion is artistic, fun and a great chance to express your personality or even find employment. So if you know anyone that cares a huge deal on their looks and often looks for the latest accessories or fashions, you can give them tribute to a fashion customized bobblehead dolls. Customize fashion bobblehead now come with both female and male dolls which are wearing all types of fashionable clothes and sporting accessories. Fashion bobbleheads are truly remarkable and amazing gifts you can give to a special person on a special occasion such as their birthday, anniversary or Christmas. BobbleHeadsCustom offers male and female bobblehead designs related to fashion. You can now get your customized bobblehead with the face you require to create unique and unforgettable memories for your loved ones.

Below I have added up several fashion bobbleheads you can find


1- Sunglasses man with a black cap bobblehead


Your face tends to draw attention compared to any other part of your body. Sunglasses often simply draws people’s attention, ensuring that you match perfectly with your outfit.  So if you are searching for the perfect gift to give to your boyfriend or friend who really loves to wear sunglasses, you can give them a custom fashion bobblehead with a man wearing a pair of sunglasses. This will really be exciting for them and shows that you care about their sense of fashion. Bobbleheads custom offers many bobblehead designs for men that love to wear sunglasses.

Click here to view this bobblehead


2- Hot girl short skirt bobbles head


Many girls love wearing short skirts because they are awesome, interesting, fitting, and an opportunity for enjoying their youth. Short skirts are also meant for lazy people since they are easy to put on. So if you know a hot girl that loves wearing short skirts, you can surprise them by putting their face on a hot girl bobblehead wearing a short skirt? This will surely make them feel beautiful, sexy and also express their sense of fashion. Click here to view this bobblehead.


3- Photographer bobbles head


Do you have a special person that is in love with photography? If so, how can you surprise them? Bobbleheads custom offers great bobblehead designs for passionate photographers. You can put their face on the body of a photographer bobblehead. This is a unique and interesting way to show them your appreciation for working hard in their life. Photographer bobbleheads are the best gifts to give your loved ones especially on their anniversaries,  birthday and holidays.

Click here to view this bobblehead.


4- Workman bobblehead


Bobbleheads are great gifts to give a special person to appreciate their career choices. So if you know a coworker or colleague that is very keen on their job,  you can gift them with a workman bobblehead. Workman bobblehead is a great gift to give to your colleagues particularly on birthdays or Christmas. This will show that you care and appreciate them for the hard work they do for the company. Bobbleheads custom has many workmen bobbleheads designs you can choose from to surprise your colleagues today.

Click here to view this bobblehead


5- Handsome beard man wearing black suit bobblehead


Do you wonder what type of gift to get a man who loves to grow a beard? Men believe that growing a beard makes them more dominant, stronger, older, aggressive and attractive. So, if you have a beard lover in your life, you might gift them with handsome beard man bobblehead with their face on it. This will make them appreciate their sense of fashion and also show that you love their sense of style. Bobbleheads custom offers stupendous bobblehead designs for beard lovers.

Click here to view this bobblehead.

Final words

Fashion is significant in our lives and it is the most effective way to express ourselves and secure our modesty. Fashion bobbleheads are the best gifts to give to a special person on their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. Check out BobbleHeadsCustom for more bobblehead designs related to fashion.



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